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Installation Instructions for Web Server & Deployment

This article describes the installation of a web server (Apache Tomcat) and the deployment of the innolist.war (Download) using Microsoft Windows as operating system.
For other web servers or operation system the deployment should work similar, for details please see the installation/configuration manual of the web server used.

Please see also the combatibility list for web servers/Java running the web server: Compatibility Deployment: Web Servers/Java

Step 1: Download and Extract Web Server

Download Tomcat (https://tomcat.apache.org/)

We suggest a 64-bit distribution, in this description "64-bit Windows zip" is used.

Extract the Zip-File into a new directory. The folder structure should be similar to:

Typical Folder Structure for Tomcat Files

Step 2: Port Configuration and Deployment

Port Configuration

The port configuration is not mandatory, there are already default ports configured in the configuration file conf/server.xml.

The default ports are:

  • 8080 - "Connector port"
  • 8005 - "Shutdown port"
  • 8443 - "Redirect port"
  • 8009 - "AJP Connector port"

The ports must not be used by other programs. The port 8080 is used by default to connect using a browser (for productive environments maybe port 80).


Apache Tomcat deploys all .war files in the folder webapps/ when starting up. Please copy the war-File into the folder, e.g.:


Note: If the file name (here: innolist.war) differs, the deployment will only be reachable with this changed url path.

Configuration Directory

InnoList saves configuration (and data, as configured) in the personal directory of the operating system user that executes the web server. Depending on the operating system the personal directory differs:

Windows C:\Users\[Windows-User]\.innolist
Linux /home/[Username]/.innolist
Mac OS /Users/[Username]/.innolist

If necessary the directory for configuration/data may be changed in the configuration file system.xml.

Step 3: Start Tomcat


One important requirement is

  • a java installation and the declaration of the path using:
  • Environment variable JAVA_HOME or JRE_HOME


Windows: By executing bin/startup.bat Apache Tomcat is started.

The console window for the instance of tomcat is shown.

Are these lines

INFORMATION (...) Deployment of web application archive (...) has finished in (...) ms
INFORMATION (...) Server startup in (...) ms
visible in the output then the starting was successful.
Console Window of Started Tomcat

The application is then reachable over http://localhost:8080/innolist/ .


Windows: By pressing Ctrl + c in the console window Apache Tomcat is shut down.

Optional: Set Favicon

If you want to set another Browser-Icon for your installation, you can replace the file with an icon of your choice:

With a restart of the server (and if necessary clearing of the browser cache) the icon is visible in the browser.

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