InnoList in Own Web Server

The installation of InnoList in your own web server requires the support of Java Servlets/JSP by the server, e.g. Apache Tomcat/TomEE, Wildfly.

Please see the page Compatibility Deployment: Web Servers/Java for details on supported/not supported web servers. The execution in another, similar web server might work anyhow.

Download innolist.war

Next Step: Installation Instructions for Web Server & Deployment

Environment and Access

Intranet or Internet: The web server can run be executed in an intranet or the internet. The users connect to the installation using HTTP connections.
Mobile access: If you want to access your data using a mobile device you normally need access from the internet. When opening the pages from a mobile device the mobile variant of the user interface is selected automatically.

Notes on security of data transmission

The deployment of the InnoList War file does not ensure that there is secure communication with the clients.
It is your responsibility to keep the infrastructure safe, according to your needs.