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5 Minutes Tutorial

This text shows you the most important features of InnoList in a quick overview.

Depending on your needs you can run the software on your computer (Desktop Version) or your own web server installation (Web Installation).

Start Own Application

Appropriate input methods are available, to match the type of data added:
Start With Table
This fitts for data in typical table format.
A quick way to create a simple table, but not all field types are available in this mode.
Form Draft
Using this you create a form with input fields. Allows to add all type of fields in a form view.

This decision is not final, you can use the different modes at any time.

For this explanation we follow the "Form Draft" to the form editor:

Form Editor: Empty Form with Title

On the left side you choose the field type for a new field.
A selection of the field types available is:

  • Text Fields
  • Ratings (Stars, Points, Progress Bar)
  • Selections (Singe Selection, Multi Selection)
  • Date/Time
  • Checkboxes (also graphical)
  • Links (Web/File System/...)
  • Comments
  • Icon Selection (Icons shipped with software)
  • + much more

Table view and other types of views

(Table-) Views an important part of InnoList.

They show your data and allow to edit them directly. Using views you can:

  • Edit Values, Add Rows
  • Show data in different ways: as table, lines, cards, bricks, squares, vertical areas
  • Filter, Group, Sort
  • Using Drag-and-Drop: Change order or assign new values
  • etc.

Data Shown in a Table View, With Settings
Data Shown in a Cards View
Data Shown in a Columns View; Adding a New Column

Add And Edit Views

To structure your data we suggest to create appropriate views to keep the overview.

New views are added and modified using the context menu Mouse Right Click of a navigation item.
When duplicating the current settings are kept and a new view is created.

Context Menu for a Navigation Item

With Modify Navigation you decide where and how the navigation items are shown. Using this less frequent used views can be invisible but still accessible.

Example for 'Modify Navigation'

Modification: Annotations

Beside the form fields any entry can also have additional annotations: Coloring, Hints, Icons, Labels

List of Persons with Annotations: Colorized, Hints

Import, Export and Output

For further processing InnoList allows you to export/import and copy/paste data.
Supported is:

  • Export to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel
  • Export/Import using CSV-Format
  • Copy/Paste using the clipboard, in CSV-Format or with plain text

Examples for Exports: CSV, Spreadsheet, Microsoft Word
Export- and Copy Settings (located right in main window)

Start New & More

We reached the end of this short tutorial for InnoList.

Use these actions to get help in the application:

  • Shortcut F1 in a view: Shows the shortcuts for quick editing and configuration
  • Context Menues: Many elements offer an context menu with additional options
  • Icon Configuration ("Cog" top right): With "Help..." a show help can be accessed

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