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Overview: Good to Know

This page gives a quick overview for some details that might help you in your work with InnoList.

Filter: Relative Dates

For filtering also relative values can be used. Use Plus or Minus with the number of years/months/days/hours/minutes/seconds in the future or past. Also a combination is allowed.

e. g. -10, +1M, +30m, +1y6M, -7d1H

The following letter determines the interval:

  • y Years (-1y, +2y)
  • M Months (-2M, +5M)
  • d or only a number: Days (-4, -8d, +12d)
  • H Hours (-12H, +6H)
  • m Minutes (-30m, +30m)
  • s Seconds (-30s, +30s)

Desktop Version: Find in Page Content

If you open a InnoList application with the desktop version, Ctrl+f can be used to find text in the page shown.

At the bottom of the window a search field is shown, the search is limited to data shown, findings are highlighted.

If a web browser is used to open InnoList applications, the search feature of the web browser is used.

Desktop Version: Create Shortcut in Operating System

For quick access you can also create shortcuts on the desktop of your operating system easily.
To do so open the main menu Application -> Create Shortcut.


Shortcuts help to access features quickly.

Using the shortcut F1 (if view is shown) some important shortcuts are shown:

Page With Shortcuts Shown

Via Settings you can access another overview that might list more shortcuts:

Opening Help Via Settings
Listing of Shortcuts

Quick Access (Ctrl+1 or Alt+1)

With the shortcut Ctrl+1 or Alt+1 an input field for quick access is opened (top right).
There you can enter:
- Number: Opens the n-th entry in the current list
- Hash Sign + Number: Opens the entry with the ID of the number

e. g. 1, 22, #3, #182

Field for quick access

Directory for Files/Attachments

InnoList stores any file uploaded in a subdirectory named uploads, below the directory where the application created is stored.

For image files also thumbnails are created, they are stored in the subdirectory uploads/thumbnails.


To prevent problems please do not use multiple applications with uploads in a single directory.