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  1. Groovy/Java Scripts
  2. Javascript Scripts

Scripts in InnoList

The Scripting-Support allows you to write your own code, for manipulation of data and control over the inputs in forms.

Add your scripts to the subdirectory scripts/ of the application (Application Directory: Directory containing .apl/.ap file) or use the script editor reachable using the top right toolbar.
There are predefined scripts shipped with InnoList that may be executed directly or may be adapted to your needs.

1. Groovy/Java Scripts

Manipulation of Data
These are scripts that may contain any Java or Groovy-Code.
Predefined variables/functions allow the access to the data stored and allow changes (Create, Edit, Delete, Read).

Typical Use Cases:
  • Create own exports, e.g. using: XML, Word, Excel, PDF
  • Manipulation of existing data, e.g. calculations/summation
  • Read data from other sources or write/transfer data to other systems

Script-Reference: Java/Groovy

2. Javascript Scripts

Control Input in Forms: Dynamics, Modifications, Calculations, Validation
Any Javascript-Code to be executed in forms during creation/editing or triggered by a button click in the form.
Helpful if additional logic is necessary for inputs.

Predefined functions allow to read and write the values of most field types. Also interations with messages using alert() or outputs of created text are possible.

Typical Use Cases:
  • Validation of inputs, with notifications to the user
  • Dynamics for selections in the forms, e.g. selection options that are depending on other inputs
  • Calculations during input
  • Fast changes with predefined values, for typical inputs that recurr

Script-Reference: Javascript

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