> Download Trial Version (Mac OS) (.dmg) (159 MB) <

1) Download the File InnoList.dmg and Open It
2) In the Window Opened: Copy "InnoList" Into the Applications Directory of Mac OS and Start It (other directory is possible)

To start it may be needed to open the context menu (Right Click/Secondary Click) and choose "Open" there because it is a downloaded application, another confirmation will be shown. This is needed only once, after the first start the application can be started normally.

Linux-Version (Java)

> Download Trial Version (Linux) (.zip) (155 MB) <

1) Extract Zip-File Into a New Directory
2) Execute with Start Script (recommended)
The script may be used to execute InnoList. To do this it needs to be made executable with chmod +x After this execute it by double click or the console command ./
The Zip-File contains Java in the subdirectory "jre". The Start Script executes Java in "jre/bin/java" in order to run InnoList.

Execute with other Java:
If an installed Java or another Java-Version should be used to run, please run InnoList with the command [Path to Java] -jar innolist.jar.
Path: The path needs to find the file "java" in directory "bin" of the Java-Installation, because of this it could be necessary to use the full path (e.g. /the/full/path/as/example/bin/java -jar innolist.jar). So that innolist.jar can be found, the current directory needs to be the directory with innolist.jar.
(when using another Java the subdirectory "jre" may be deleted)