> Download Trial Version (Mac OS) (.dmg) (80 MB) <

1) A Installation of Java is Needed: Download of Java 8 JRE (
Please use one of these Java-Versions that have been tested successfully: JDK stands for "Java Development Kit", with Java 9 and Java 10 the JDK is needed. The Java 11 JDK is currently not supported. A JRE is a smaller installation package.

2) Download the File InnoList.dmg and Open It
3) In the Window Opened, Copy 'InnoList' Into the Applications Directory of Mac OS and Start It (other directory is possible)

To start it may be needed to open the context menu (Right Click/Secondary Click) and choose 'Open' there because it is a downloaded application, another confirmation will be shown. This is needed only once, after the first start the application can be started normally.

Linux-Version (Java)

> Download Trial Version (Linux) (.zip) (161 MB) <

1) Extract Zip-File Into a New Directory
2) Execute with Start Script (recommended)
The script may be used to execute InnoList. To do this it needs to be made executable with chmod +x After this execute it by double click or the console command ./
The Zip-File contains Java in the subdirectory "jre". The Start Script executes Java in "jre/bin/java" in order to run InnoList.

Execute with other Java: If an installed Java or another Java-Version should be used to run, please run InnoList with the command [Path to Java] -jar innolist.jar. Executable with: Java 8 from Update 45, Java 9, 10, 11 or newer (Java Download), OpenJDK not supported
Path: The path needs to find the file "java" in directory "bin" of the Java-Installation, because of this it could be necessary to use the full path (e.g. /the/full/path/as/example/bin/java -jar innolist.jar). So that innolist.jar can be found, the current directory needs to be the directory with innolist.jar.
(when using another Java the subdirectory "jre" may be deleted)